Septic Systems

Septic Systems Information

Information on Septic Systems

1. Get Your Soil Tested
2. Complete and Application
3. Wait for Technical Specification Data Sheet
4. Contractor Must Provide the Septic System Plan to the Health Department Before an On-Site Evaluation is Scheduled
5. Schedule an On-Site Evaluation
6. Pay for and Receive the Septic Permit
7. Schedule Final Inspection

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Permit Fees

All Permit Fees are listed as follows:

Retail Food Establishment Permit

Type Menu Price
Annual Menu Type 1 $100.00
Menu Type 2 $125.00
Menu Type 3 $150.00
Menu Type 4 $175.00
Menu Type 5 $200.00
Seasonal Menu Type 1 $50.00
Menu Type 2 $75.00
Menu Type 3 $100.00
Menu Type 4 $125.00
Menu Type 5 $150.00
Temporary Food Permit $15.00/day

Septic Permit Process

Type Price
New Construction $225.00
Replacement and/or expansion $200.00
Repair/ Replacement of a system component $75.00
Connect to an existing system $50.00
Renew an Expired permit $75.00
Commercial projects $200.00

Public and Semi-Public Pool and/or Spa Permit Application

Type Price
Annual $150.00
Seasonal $75.00
Fee for each additional pool or spa $50.00

Tattoo Parlor/Artist Application

Type Price
Artist Fee $100.00
Parlor Fee $300.00